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What Types of Extraction Methods Are There for CBD Oil?

What Types Of Extraction Methods Are There For CBD Oil?

When used as recommended, Cannabidiol (CBD) has been found to have many different medical benefits. Research has shown that CBD can ease the symptoms of inflammation, provide stress relief , and may have many other potential benefits.

One factor that influences how effective CBD is in treating the condition it’s intended to address is how it’s extracted from the cannabis plant. Those that take CBD are often interested in the purest form, so that they can take it without any other chemicals or harmful elements. There are many different ways that CBD producers extract CBD. Some of these methods include:

CO2 Extraction

CO2 is a very popular extraction method. It is more expensive for the extraction company, but provides a better quality product for consumers.

With this popular extraction method, specialized machinery uses pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2) to pull CBD from the plant. CO2 extraction methods use CO2 gas at extreme temperatures and pressures to draw desired molecules from cannabis without damaging them. There are three types of extraction methods: Supercritical, subcritical, and mid-critical. Each one delivers a different level of purity.

This technique is well known for producing a very safe, potent, and high-quality product. However, it requires expertise in chemistry and expensive equipment. Our company strongly prefers this type of extraction method to other forms of CBD oil.

Olive Oil Extraction

Olive oil can also be used with a safe and inexpensive method of CBD extraction. First, the cannabis plant is heated to activate the chemicals in it. Then, it’s added to olive oil and heated a while longer until the olive oil gains CBD content from the heat-extracted cannabinoids.

This is a simple and easy way extraction method that can reduce the cost of the product, but the CBD isn’t very concentrated, it is not pure, and it needs to be stored in a cool, dark place because it is perishable.

Solvent Extraction

CBD can also be extracted using solvents, particularly ethanol, low grade alcohol, and butane. The chosen liquid draws out the cannabinoids and flavor from the plant, and then is heated to evaporate the extra liquid and concentrate the CBD.

Solvents are not pure, and may contain remnants of the solvent or extra substances from the extraction process. It can be a good method for creating vape cartridge oil, but it doesn’t produce very high-grade CBD, it often contains contaminants like butane residue that can impede immune function, and tends to be riskier due to lax regulation.

Choosing the Right CBD Product via Extraction

If you are considering trying CBD yourself, the most important thing to consider is what effect the different methods of CBD extraction have on the end product, and by extension, your health. For those that are interested in the purest form of CBD, Co2 is the best choice and the one we generally recommend here at More Than Hemp.


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