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How much CBD is in a dose or suggested serving size?

How Much CBD Is In A Dose Or Suggested Serving Size?

How much CBD is in a dose?

CBD is currently an unregulated product which means that there is no standardized dosing or regulated dosage guidelines. This raises the question of how much CBD is in the suggested serving size listed on the manufacturer’s product label.  However, depending on the manufacturer, the suggested serving size actually contains varying amounts of CBD.

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The varying amounts of CBD in each suggested serving size can easily be discerned from the package label by doing some simple math.  Or if you are not that into calculating…you can just take a look at this nifty table we created to help you understand how much CBD is actually in each suggested serving of the products More Than Hemp carries:


Comparison Chart for mg of CBD per suggested Serving

CompanyProduct nameBOTTLE SizeMg CBD per BOTTLEmg CBD in 1 mLSuggested Servingmg CBD per serving
American ShamanVG Cloud 15015 mL150 mg10 mg.5 mL5 mg
VG Cloud 30030 mL300 mg10 mg0.5 mL5 mg
Water Soluble30 mL300 mg10 mg0.5 m l5 mg
Ultra Concentrated CBD Hemp Capsules 90060 Capsules900 mg1 capsule15 mg
Ultra Concentrated CBD Hemp Capsules 45030 capsules450 mg1 capsule15 mg
BlueBird BotanicalsHemp Classic30 mL250 mg8.3 mg0.5 mL4.2  mg
Hemp Classic60 mL500 mg 8.3 mg0.5 mL4.2  mg
Hemp Classic 6X Concentrated30 mL1500 mg 50 mg0.5 mL25 mg
Hemp Classic 6X Concentrated60 mL3000 mg50 mg0.5 mL25 mg
Charlotte’s WebEveryDay Hemp Extract Oil30 mL330 mg11 mg1 mL11 mg
EveryDay Hemp Extract Oil100 mL1100 mg11 mg1 mL11 mg
Hemp PLUS Extract Oil30 mL840 mg28 mg1 mL28 mg
Hemp PLUS Extract Oil100 mL2800 mg28 mg1 mL28 mg
Original (Advanced) Hemp Extract Oil30 mL2580 mg86 mg0.5 mL43 mg
Original (Advanced) Hemp Extract Oil100 mL8600 mg86 mg0.5 mL43 mg
Hemp Plus Capsules60 Capsules2100 mg1 capsule35 mg
NuLeaf NaturalsCBD All Natural Dietary Supplement5 mL240 mg10 drops24 mg
CBD All Natural Dietary Supplement15 mL725 mg10 drops24 mg


The amount of CBD in the Serving Size may not be right for you

The amount of CBD in any suggested serving size is akin to a “one-size-fits-all” pair of stretch undies. Uh…not that great of a fit sometimes. Research suggests that folks work with an experienced health care practitioner when introducing hemp extract CBD into their diet or daily regime. The impact of a dose is dependent on a variety of factors including:

  • Reason for use
  • Individual biology and metabolism and how they respond to CBD
  • Individual endocannabinoid system and how it adjusts to CBD
  • Body weight
  • Individual sensitivity to Hemp extract CBD oil
  • Body chemistry, including medications taken and daily diet

Individuating the Dose of CBD

The dose of CBD that is effective for one person is not necessarily the best dose for another person. When determining what’s right for you, follow a few simple guidelines to develop smart dosing decisions.

Check with Your HealthCare Provider

The first guideline is check with an experienced healthcare provider. Your provider may caution you regarding potential drug interactions. He or she may also have suggestions based on your individual response to medications in general.

Titrate CBD amount

It is a best practice to start small and gradually increase the amount of CBD oil that you are consuming. The small and gradual increases allow your body to adjust to the CBD. Start off with a low dose and gradually increase dosage until desired benefit is reached. This reduces the risk of negative side effects such as sleepiness.

Observe Your Response to CBD Dosage

You know your body best and what feels optimal for you. It’s kinda like going to the eye doctor. He flips the lenses (dosage) and inquires: “Better here, or, better here?”. A journal might come in handy here, just to note what other factors might be contributing to how you are feeling. Poor diet, lack of sleep, too much coffee or even a fight with your best friend can impact how you respond to a given CBD dose on a given day.


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