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Meet Drs. Randa and Leipziger, developers of More Than Hemp. We are gray-haired and slightly arthritic. We have “senior moments” and laugh when we realize we both need a nap at 3:00 in the afternoon. We like buffets more than we ever thought we would and we still don’t understand the appeal of Snapchat.

We also believe in the importance and supplemental health benefits of industrial Hemp CBD products.

We are a husband and wife team, both doctors in the healing professions, and while we may be of an older generation, we also recognize the research of today. That is why we created More Than Hemp, a comparative marketplace that we created to make it easy to:

  • Find…
  • Compare…
  • and Purchase…

CBD products that provide the medical and mental health benefits for which these natural health supplements are becoming known. We created More Than Hemp to offer an unbiased location that features the best possible products and does so in a way that lowers prices and limits risks that come from unregulated products.

To bring that belief into reality, we created with three main missions in mind:


We want to make it possible to buy CBD hemp oil – and other CBD products – with confidence, knowing that you have purchased excellent quality product in an easily accessible and comparative marketplace. We strive to lower prices for our customers because we believe that the industrial hemp oil marketplace will quickly stabilize as more products become available, and thus pricing will become more economical across the board.

In other words, we’re offering you the lowest prices now because we know that CBD oil prices will drop in the future, and we want you to know you can keep coming back to us. We utilize generous coupons and membership system to facilitate this goal. Need a coupon or membership information, let us know!


We want to help destigmatize the industrial hemp CBD industry, and introduce the benefits of these products to the folks that may otherwise shy away from them due to the association with the drug/marijuana marketplace.

CBD oil is something special, and we want to make sure that populations that would traditionally avoid these types of products, such as seniors, parents, and other conservative/risk averse populations learn more about the research and feel comfortable trying it for themselves.


Our third mission is to help circulate and understand the literature that is being generated by researchers around the world. CBD (both hemp-derived and marijuana-derived), is being rigorously studied in other countries. The general goal is to better understand how CBD interacts with the human body and clarify benefits and risks. With the passage of the US 2018 Farm Bill, CBD was declassified as a Schedule 1 drug. This will likely cause an explosion of research in the near future.

However, it can be difficult to find and digest some of this information. Drs. Randa and Leipziger are science geeks! We love this stuff and will work to blog in a clear and friendly manner to keep our customers educated and up to date. Please visit our blog on this site as well.

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More Than Hemp is more than a CBD company. We hope to join the revolution in changing the industry one purchase at a time. Review the best CBD products the industry has to offer or contact us today to learn more.

More Than Hemp
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